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Module One: Foundation

  • Set yourself up for success with step-by-step instructions for starting your business the right way from the very first day.
  • Learn exactly how to kick procrastination to the curb and move closer to your goals every single day.
  • Get your business up and running so that you’re ready to move forward with confidence.

Module Two: Relationships

  • Discover how to connect with clients so that you can start earning money — yes, even before you’ve finished the course!
  • Steal my scripts and processes for building real relationships without stress.
  • Work that network (yes, even if you don’t think you have one!) and learn how to ask for referrals in a totally non-skeevy way.

Module Three: Exposure

  • You want clients and cash? Awesome. Here’s your step-by-step formula for getting them to come straight to you.
  • Introverted? Hate the idea of posting on social media? No worries. This module has you covered with the best ways to connect with your clients, even if the idea of talking to people gives you hives.
  • Hit the "easy" button and let the proven Exposure Matrix get you in front of the people who need your help without spending hours wondering what to post.

Module Four: Expertise

  • Discover the counterintuitive secret that will make it SIMPLE to connect with your dream clients. (Hint: it sounds CRAZY, but it works.)
  • Grow your skills so that you can serve your clients at the HIGHEST possible level — and get paid like the expert you are.
  • Hit the "easy" button and let the proven Exposure Matrix get you in front of the people who need your help without spending hours wondering what to post.

Module Five: Discipline

  • ROCK YOUR WORLD with a deep dive into time and productivity that will change the way you work, live, and play.
  • Get your hands on time-saving secrets and shortcuts that will blow your mind and let you get more stuff done in EVERY part of your life.
  • Steal my systems and put them to work for you.

Module Six: Overcoming Obstacles

  • Learn how to balance working from home with reality — sick kids, nursing babies, and other fun things.
  • Get tried-and-true tips from me and from the hundreds of other mamas who have been through the program so that you can move forward without getting stuck.
  • Discover how to quiet that nagging "not good enough" feeling, and power through with confidence.

Module Seven: Momentum

  • Build smart and savvy habits right into your workday so that you don’t deplete your willpower unnecessarily.
  • Prioritize your self care, and learn how to ask for and receive the support you need to be successful.
  • Access the information and strategies you need to keep your focus so that you can get more of the RIGHT things done in WAY less time.

Your Path to Freedom Workbook and Planner. Do you love your checklists? Do you get giddy when you’re planning? Girl, we’re going to have SO. MUCH. FUN. This workbook and planner was designed to satisfy my Type A+ Brain, so it’s got everything you need to be super successful. 
The Quick Start Freelancing Track. In this special bonus series, we've curated some of our best training from industry leaders in social media management, copywriting, funnel design, podcast management, and more to show you the possibilities of virtual work. Think of it like a delicious buffet — go in for a taste of everything, and then dig in on your favorites. 
The Prospect to Paid Training. "But how do I get a client?" THIS IS HOW. This is your step-by-step guide, with scripts for every part of the conversation that takes someone from, "Hi, what’s your name?" to "How do I give you money?" 
Need-to-Know Software Lab. When you first start out in the world of online business, it can feel overwhelming. That’s EXACTLY why we created the Need-to-Know Software Lab. You can dip in and find the training you need, when you need it — and we’re adding NEW trainings weekly. 
The Tax Tracker. Yay, taxes! … said no one ever. But you’ll LOVE this tracker. It’s CPA-approved, and it’s designed to make it easy for you to get the information you need to SAVE TIME AND MONEY on your taxes year after year. 
The $10,000 Template. Oh, hey, would you like a copy of the EXACT proposal I used to turn my boss into one of my highest paying clients? It’s included — along with dozens of other tools and templates you can use to generate money in your business. 
Professional Promo. Once you’re in the Free Mama Movement, we’ll list you in our Matchmaker Directory — which we actively promote to business owners who are looking for people JUST LIKE YOU.